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Please provide as much information as possible and ensure that all required field are completed.

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Product Details

Please confirm that preliminary troubleshooting has been carried out by a suitably qualified solar installer and that the online resources and/or FoxESS user manual have been referenced for guidance. Assistance is available from the FoxESS support team using online tools and, in certain countries, telephone support.

Please select to confirm that you understand the FoxESS warranty process and that you agree to the terms and conditions. Country/territory specific warranty policies are listed at the foot of this page.

Should be today's date.
The serial number can be found on the label attached to the side of the product.

Please select the product model. If you are unsure, leave blank as we can identify the model from the serial number provided.

Warranty Registration

FoxESS offer an online warranty registration facility. This is not essential, however it is recommended and is required for those wishing to benefit from the FoxPlus warranty.

This is not compulsory, however it may help to speed up the replacement process if these details can be provided.

Before filing an RMA request, you need first ensure you have used the FoxESS help resources and have logged a support call with FoxESS, who will have provided you with a support ticket number. Please enter the reference here.

If you have spoken to FoxESS support, but you were not provided with or have lost this reference, please provide details (e.g. the name of the FoxESS representative you spoke to).

Claimant (Installer) Details

RMA requests should only be made by a suitably qualified installer. Please enter your details here. End-user contact and address details are entered on the next page. The installer can be the original installer of the product or any qualified installer sourced by the end-user to oversee the replacement of the product.
Name of the installation company making the claim.
Primary contact at the installation company.

Installer Address

End User Details

Please enter end user details here. Please note, all contact will be with the claimant (installer) only except in exceptional circumstances. The end-user details are for our records only and are not shared with any third-party. As the claimant will be acting on behalf of the end user, please obtain permission of the end user before sharing their details.
Name of the end-user.

End-User Address

Please select to confirm that you have obtained permission from the end-user to share their details.

Fault Details

If there is an error code/status displayed on the inverter screen, or in the log recorded on the remote monitoring platform, please enter here.

If there is an error message displayed on the inverter LCD screen or on the monitoring portal, please specify here.

Have you measured AC voltage at the plug, or recorded it from the inverter status screen, to confirm there has been no loss of mains power, either because of a loss of grid power or because of wiring issues between the incoming mains supply and the inverter?

Have you checked to ensure that there is DC voltage at the plug, or recorded it from the inverter status screen, and have you confirmed that the incoming DC voltage for each MPPT is within the voltage parameters of the inverter?

AC voltage recorded manually at the plug, or read from the inverter status screen/remote monitoring platform.
DC voltage for MPPT1 recorded manually at the plug, or read from the inverter status screen/remote monitoring platform.
DC voltage for MPPT2 recorded manually at the plug, or read from the inverter status screen/remote monitoring platform.

Have you checked the install environment to ensure that the inverter has been installed in accordance with the installation guidelines, that the inverter is not installed in a corrosive environment and that there is sufficient clearance around the inverter as per the guidelines outlined in the installation manual?

Which of the following best describes the location of the inverter?

Please provide a full description of the fault and provide details of any checks or actions taken to rectify the fault.

Supporting Information

Please provide any information to support this request, including any relevant photographs of the product or screenshots from the monitoring platform.

Maximum of 8 files. Maximum file size for each attachment is 10MB. Allowed formats: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf. Please ensure you provide any documentation that has been requested by FoxESS support in response to your support ticket, or alternatively, refer to the knowledgebase for guidance on the types of documents you should upload here.

Address Preference

Subject to the acceptance of this request, a replacement unit will be sent to your preferred address, either the installer address or end-user address entered earlier on this form, please specify.

Important Notice

Before submitting your request, please ensure that you have referred to the Fox knowledge-base and any technical support resources provided by Fox (please refer to the support procedure outlined on this page).

Note to End-Users

In all cases, this form should be completed by your installer. Should you no longer be able to contact your original installation company, we recommend contacting a suitably qualified local installer who can investigate any issues prior to submitting an RMA request. In order to process this claim, information will be required that requires an initial site visit.


Once you submit a warranty claim with supporting documents you will receive an email response with an RMA number.

Fox reserves the right to reject RMA requests:

  • if Fox is not satisfied that the defect was caused by defective workmanship or materials;
  • if the product is replaced without the prior consent of Fox.


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